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Chi-Luong Tran / CEO

"He develops awesome things with passion."

Chi-Luong Tran is the founder of Pick-Community. He is a great leader and orginizer - He loves coding and he is always fascinating about the power on the world wide web. He spends most of the time crafting and working on our Pick-Websites.

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  • Chi-Luong Pick-Community

Aare / CEO

One of the best marketing guy!

He is also a leader of the team and is responsible for the marketing stratagy. He analysis the marketing activity and process of identifying a market problem or opportunity.

  • Aare Pick-Community


Kaleem is a professional Web Developer, he got 12+ years of experience in JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, HTML, CSS, Wordpress. He is a Expert in developing Customized Web Applications. Kaleem always delivers the best solution.

  • Kaleem Pick-Community

Irfan Sheikh Siddique

  • Irfan Pick-Community

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You can have a subheading if you want. They always look good inder main headings.

Here is your work description - you can use it to give more information about this job before inviting users to visit the project website.

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Video Example

Showcase beautiful responsive videos, thanks to the fitVids plugin.

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The idea of Pick Community

Discover what makes our websites unique and why you will love them.

You control your stuff!

You choose who sees your information

Our idea is to let our users control their own information. All our users should be able to choose people who can see their information.

We connect the world!

Make the world easier to communitcate

We are trying to connect anyone in the world in every single section. We are making many different websites in order to give everyone the opportunity to share and pick want they need as fast as possible.

Affortable for everyone

Use our service for free!

Most of our websites are for free. Websites where people can earn money, we will take a small commission. Our websites will never be on monthly bases. You will not pay for anything you do not use.

Donate for a good reason.

Help us to improve our websites. You can also contact us and tell us your idea's. We will take all advises and try to make the best community for everyone.
Every cent will goes to our websites. We will try to make everything for FREE!

Conatct us!

Feel free to contact us anytime